Email Verification Services

Do you support or offer refunds based upon the results of email “verification” services?


With a couple of exceptions we do not.


Please understand that we send an email message to all those listed every few months and then take out the hard bounces. If there was an easier, cheaper and equally accurate way to check our data (such as verification services where an email is not actually sent ) then we would of course be using such a system as this would save us a very considerable amount of money each year.


The reason that we do not use Email Verification services is that after testing many such services they produced VERY different and mostly unreliable results. So we only provide refunds for hard bounces where an email has actually been sent. However, there are two important exceptions to this rule:


  • We will refund for email address that fail the email verification checks at Clickback  if you use their services to send out email to our lists. Clickback  by necessity have the most stringent checks to protect their sender reputation as they specialize in sending email to purchased lists. This offer does not apply to any other email delivery service.
  • We will refund for “Hard Bounces” if you use the excellent verification service offered by Siftlogic . This offer does not apply to any other email verification service