Are your lists Opt In

No but please understand  there really is no such thing as a truly valid purchased opt-in email list.  The only valid opt- in list is a list created from contacts that have opted-in to receive details of YOUR products or services. So called “Opt in” lists sold by other list suppliers are usually supplied on the basis that those listed have ‘opted in’ to received commercial messages via email. This basically means, any message, from any sender!  But.while some of those listed might have agreed to receive email messages concerning a very specific subject, from a very specific supplier, most never agreed to receive email messages from any other third party.


These days because of these issues raised above many third party email delivery services will not accept  so called “optin” lists and will only accept “transaction lists” which mean email addresses where you already have an existing business relationship to the recipient of your email messages.


If you need help in locating a suitable email delivery service that will send messages to our lists then please visit:- Email Marketing Tips or contact Clickback who are the market leader in sending email to a purchased list.